Projects 2006.


Main and detailed design for overhang reconstruction for insular platform 2 and 3, and east section of platform 1 in station Vinkovci
Documentation for performed state ( pocket longitudinal profile ) on railway line: state border – Savski Marof – Zagreb – Novska – Vinkovci – Tovarnik – State border on section Ivankovo – Vinkovci
Detailed design for facade rehabilitation, waiting room adaptation and railway station building landscaping in station Varaždin
Technical documentation for detailed design and tender documents for hack and cutting rehabilitation works on railway line Oštarije – Knin – Split, on section Oštarije – Knin
Industrial railway track main design on the work zone R-27 Kukuljanovo
Preliminary draft and scientific basis for industrial railway line location permit on plateau E.2.1.A and E.2.1.B in Kukuljanovo
Preliminary draft for rehabilitation design on Rijeka railway station and infrastructure corridor connection in „Praška obala“ (Rijeka)
Technical documentation for railway station rehabilitation on railway Oštarije – Knin – Split, section Knin – Split:Drniš,Perković, Primorski Dolac, Brdašce,Labin Dalmatinski, Sadine, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Sućurac
Detailed design and tender documentation for cutting rehabilitation on railway line Oštarije – Knin – Split, section Oštarije – Plavno
Derived condition documentation after the railway rehabilitation ( pocket longitudinal profile and Vrbovec and Križevci stations condition ), railway line Dugo Selo – Botovo, on section DugoSelo – Križevci
Addition of project regarding railway rehabilitation on Oštarije-Knin – Split, on section Pađene – Knin – Kosovo
Additional technical documentation on detailed design and tender for overhead catenary documentation in stations Jankovci, Đeletovci and Tovarnik
Detailed design for Dugo Selo – Botovo railway rehabilitation on section Koprivnica – Botovo – State border
Detailed project addition for shed construction, lighting and urban equipment for stations Sremske Laze, Slakovci, Oriolik, Vinkovački Banovci, Šidski Banovci and Mirkovci and Ilača station’s detailed design
Project documentation for shed construction and landscaping in stations Mađarevo and Vidovec
Project documentation addition for railway station rehabilitation in Vrapče
Track shooting, drafting, preliminary drafts and designs for connecting railway track on de Franceschi embankment with other tracks via Žabica
Railway rahabilitation design Novska – Sisak – Zagreb, on section Greda – Turopolje
Shooting of carried out state and implementing in land-registry for building Ro – La terminal beside the station Spačva
Main and detailed designs for two bridges and main electro technical design on railway line Gradec – Sv. Ivan Žabno
Project assignment for new railway deploying in Croatian railways
Detailed design for railway station building’s roof rehabilitation in Rijeka
Preliminary construction draft for parking lot along the railway station in Zaprešić
Scientific basis for industrial track Jankovci
Main design for obtaining the building permit with the function of main project manager, and Detailed design construction for building: industrial track section 2. from the beginning of the last turnout in transferring group in km 3+645.634 till the end of loading-unloading group of track in production machinery in cement factory Našicecement d.d. in km 4+512.068
Detailed design for railway station building rehabilitation in Pula
Detailed design revisions for railway Zagreb – Rijeka rehabilitation on section Mrzlo Polje – Duga Resa
Tecnnical documentation for railway station in Putina
Detailed design and preliminary draft for area organization which is essential for telecommunication and signal safety equipment in stations Žitnić, Brdašce, Kaštel Stari and Kaštel Sućurac
Project documentation addition for Vrapče railway station rehabilitation and operating license obtaining
Railway rehabilitation project addition for railway Zagreb – Rijeka in station Oštarije
Preliminary draft for junction point on open railway Oštarije-Knin – Split in station Siverić
Preliminary solution for parking construction alongside the railway station Savski Marof, stations Laduč, Sutla and Harmica
Rehabilitation design for railway station building in Matković
Fetailed design for arranged area extension in station Trnava
Main design for industrial railway track in R-27 Kukuljanovo working zone
Survey for terms of area arrangement for business zone in Ogulin
Design documentation – railway track from sulphur/amine unloading to existing railway in Sisak refinery
Detailed design for station building rehabilitation in Slavonski Šamac station
Detailed design for temporary station Vrapče
Technical documentation for railway footbridge construction- passageways in station Sisak Caprag
Preliminary design – industrial track for section 2 from the beginning of last turnout in transferring sector in km 3+645.634 till the end of loading-unloading track sector in Production plant Našicecement d.d. in km 4+512.068
technical documentation for Kaštel Gomilica and Kaštel Kambelovac stations construction
Detailed design addition for section Plaški – Blata rehabilitation, on railway line Oštarije – Knin from km 27+850 to km 29+850
Technical documentation for platform shed rehabilitation in station Slavonski Brod in km 220+691,14, on main arterial route Zagreb main station – Novska – Vinkovci – Tovarnik – State border
Conceptual design for Vinkovci – Osijek railway line modernization
Design documentation for shed construction and landscaping in railway station Zagreb Klara


Main and detailed design on pre-existing condition amendment for signal-safety equipment in terms of civil engineering track scheme for reconstruction requirement and repair needs for station Slavonski Šamac and Kopanica/Beravci
Manual for electronic signal – safety devices
Main and detailed design for restructuring and construction of electro energetic high voltage current facilities on station Sutla
Main and detailed design for restructuring and construction of electro energetic high voltage current facilities on station Laduč
Technical documentation for relay SS device rehabilitation in station Ražine, Kistanje and Oštarije
Catenary pegging on railway Savski Marof – Kumriovec – State border on section Sutla – Harmica
Detailed design for interstation dependence with the axle counting mechanism within stations Škrljevo and Sušak Pećine
Contingency analysis for electronical SS devices used on HŽ railways, and which are not developed as the one in CENELEC
Main and detailed design for Vukovar railway station high voltage current facility
Detailed UHF radio network design for feeder train on traffic section Zagreb, Vinkovci, Osijek, Varaždin, Rijeka i Split
Signal reconstruction project for station Savski Marof
Power supply design, working area lighting, sand bin bonding in Ogulin
Overhead catenary and sluice gate reconstruction design for bridge „Rječina“
Technical documentation for overhead catenary rehabilitation on the railway line Sunja – Živaja


Feasibility study – modernization and electrification of section Zaprešić – Zabok, railway line Zaprešić – Čakovec
Study review and addition: analysis with implementation of technical requirements and legislation in Croatia
Pre – study for traffic spatial solution and new location analysis for ILC (intermodal logistic center) construction in Zagreb
Feasibility study – Vinkovci – Osijek railway line rehabilitation
Feasibility study – capital repair works for railway line Karlovac-Oštarije – section Mrzlo Polje – Duga Resa
Feasibility study – capital repair works for railway line Križevci-Koprivnica – Botovo state border- section Križevci – Koprivnica 28,4 km nd Koprivnica – Botovo state border 14,4 km.


Main and detailed design for noise abatement in Osijek, Bartol Kašić street
Design documentation Vinkovci – Tovarnik – State border
Technical documentation for Plaški station reconstruction
Geodesic recording of performed state for 1st subsection KM cca 96+815- railway station Gospić, section Perušić – Gračac