Vlatko Sušanj B. Sc. – Chairman of the Management Board, represents the Company individually and independently

Key qualifications

As a Manager of Civil-Engineering Department in Croatian Railway Authority – HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Croatian Railways”) I have worked on activities concerning organization and management of track structures and building department. On the position of Chief Executive Manager in Civil-Engineering Department in Croatian Railways, I have worked in organization, coordination and management of Civil-Engineering Department of Croatian Railways (Civil-Engineering Department, Property Office, Service for Investment), as well as in coordination of works with other activities in Croatian Railways. I have also implemented decisions of the Management Board of Railways and the obligations prescribed by law and technical regulations. Function of the Chief Executive in Croatian Railways included the field of construction, electrical engineering and real estate. In my previous work, through these functions, I performed and directed the activities of current and investment maintenance, investments, as well as activities related to real estate, including realization of international projects financed by international financial institutions (IBRD, EBRD, USAID). After proper education, I have participated in the organization and implementation of quality systems in Croatian Railways. In addition to these duties, I have been introducing new and economically justified technologies in the work of Croatian Railways in the form of co-operation with other European railway administrations and European contractors (Germany, Austria and France). I have cooperated with scientific institutions (civil engineering, electrical and traffic faculty), and participated in several professional and scientific seminars organized by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and other professional organizations of the EU. As a subcontractor, I have worked on activities related to the complete management of property operations, designing, building and use permits for business and family housing construction. As General Manager of ZPD I am responsible for complete management of the company.


25.3.2002 – Title of European railway engineer (based on EN 45013)
25.9.1999 – Authorized civil engineer (authorized by the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Engineers in Construction)
12.09.1988 – Professional exam – Republican Commission for construction, housing and communal services
1984 – Professional exam for work on the railways
1977 – 1983 – Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb
1973 – 1977 – High school for technical and construction engineering, Zagreb

Work experience

July 2008 – ZPD General Manager
March 2007- July 2008 ZPD Deputy Manager
2001 – March 2007
Chief Executive Manager in Civil-Engineering Department of Croatian Railways
August 1999 – 2001 Chief Executive in Croatian Railways
April 1996 – August 1999 Chief Executive Officer of Civil- Engineering Department in Croatian Railways
September 1995 – April 1996 Manager of Civil-Engineering Department in Croatian Railways
January 1991- September 1995 Manager of Railway Maintenance Section Zagreb
June 1983 – December 1990 Railway transport company, Railway Maintenance Section Zagreb



Supervisory Board controls working processes and business operations. It has 3 members:
Milka Horvat – The Chairman of the Supervisory Bord
Branko Novoselec – Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Bord
Goran Grubelić – Member of the Supervisory Board


Established: September 1st 1960
First registration: March 4th 1994

ŽPD Ltd. – Ownership structure
- ESOP (51, 62%)
- ARCADIS, Netherlands (24, 98%)
- ŽPD’s small shareholders (23, 40%)

Stock capital: HRK 5.042.600, 00