The Company was established on September 1st, 1960, as a part of the company Željezničko transportno poduzeće Zagreb – ŽTP (Railway Transport Company). Its original name was “Biro za projektiranje” (Project Office). The company had 24 employees and engaged in developing projects for the new and reconstruction of the existing railway lines, architecture and constructional facilities.

Along with the railway modernization it has widened its activities to other technical branches:
- In 1966 the Company began with developing projects for high-voltage current facilities
- In 1973 it began developing projects for railway signalling and telecommunications facilities
- In 1975 it began developing projects for transport technology processes in railway and road transport.

The chronological order of how ŽDP evolved into its present form:

1960-1979 Project Department, a part of ŽTP – Željezničko transportno poduzeće Zagreb (Railway Transport Company Zagreb)
1979-1991 ŽTP-Project (Željezničko transportno poduzeće-Railway Transport Company)
1991-1994 ŽPD Ltd. Zagreb (Željezničko projektno društvo-Railway Project Company)
since April 1994 ŽPD Inc. Zagreb (first registration)