ŽPD should be the bearer of activities and the gathering focus of the domestic potential as well as the bond for cooperation with companies abroad in order to meet the demands of its customers and provide services at a high vocational and professional level. All of this should be realized in the market conditions in which companies aim at providing quality and profitable services.

In the EU integration process we wish to become clearly recognized as a reliable provider and bearer of services related to planning, transfer of the state-of-the-art technologies, skills and knowledge, developing projects and investment realization relating to railway infrastructure, environment protection and transport organization, with specific emphasis upon traffic corridors passing through Croatia. We wish to cooperate with partner companies abroad, which will be involved into these activities in order to act in common interest and to realize the tasks and goals we have set.


Business vision of ŽPD is manifested in its efforts to create a market-oriented company and at the same time to become the biggest company in the field of railway technology in Croatia, in which way it would adequately respond to market demands. The company will engage in providing services in drawing up designs, following the development and implementation of modern technologies and in providing consultancy services in the field of transport organization and technology, as well as in the field of construction planning of transport infrastructure with emphasis on the railway transport.

This is possible to accomplish through adequate concern and investment into human resources, through adopting modern standards and high quality of our services, through changes following of the professional and other regulations, further through creating optimal working conditions and constant improving of the level of knowledge, skills, employees’ motivation and the level of organisation necessary to fulfil the growing needs of customers and business partners. This company, with its co-workers and co-workers’ companies abilities and potential, is capable of fulfilling the majority of demands of domestic market as well as of expanding its business to surrounding countries and the whole region.