In general

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) was first established in United States in 1974 as a plan by which the groups influence the company management. It’s applied in the United States, and is also implemented in some companies in EU (e.g. in Great Britain and France). Only the company employees can be ESOP members. Today, ESOP programmes include all the programmes in which the funds are used exclusively for company stock repurchases. ESOP aims are related to employees property increase, income increase, higher work motivation and social security increase. By ESOP implementation, employers involve employees as their partners in creating values, risk division and increase of business activities.

ESOP implementation in ŽPD

51,62% stocks are included in ESOP programme, these stocks are bought out from HŽ – Infrastruktura Ltd..
ESOP was established in ŽPD in July 2007.