International conference on relay devices and their future

An international conference on future prospects of relay signalling and interlocking equipment in the light of new electronic solutions for rail control, organized by companies ŽPD d.d. and Signal servis d.o.o. from Zagreb and a Slovenian company Iskra sistemi d.d., was held in Šumećani in March 2010.

The conference was attended by the representatives of the railway infrastructure management of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Željeznice Republike Srpske), Slovenia (Iskra sistemi d.d.), Macedonia, Croatia, Netherlands (ARCADIS Nederland), and a wider circle of experts in the field of electrical engineering works for protection of stations and railway lines.

The growing increase of both freight and passenger traffic imposes a need for new solutions that would ensure the undisturbed circulation of goods and people in the European Union and beyond. Therefore, a reasonable question is whether the existing relay devices are a matter of the past or their future lies in combination with the computer and electronic technology, since the rapid development of electronics and informatics technology and offered new solutions are questioning the economic viability and lifetime of such devices.
This conference presented the research and experience of individual railway administrations related to this area, one of which is necessary to highlight the presentation of Mr. J. Oonincx and Mr. Tiesma from ARCADIS Nederland, who spoke about the experiences of Dutch Railways and the future of relay signal-safety devices for protection of stations an open lines.

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