Civil engineering

Civil engineering department is comprised of following departments:
Geodesy department
Railroads department
Architecture department
Construction department

Geodesy department draws up following designs

Engineering and surveying geodesy
- surveying of the present state of tracks, roads, facilities, equipment, pipelines, underground objects etc.
- foundations based upon the records of the existing state of the matters (situations, transverse profiles)
- staking out of the re-designed situations
- project book on staking out operations
- scanning, map digitalization
- marking of railway lines, routes, canals, gas and oil pipelines, power-transmission lines

Property Geodesy
- state surveys and real estate cadastre
- property tasks /land registry/
- preparing and certicification of parcelling reports / expropriations
- re-surveying and mapping of land
- cadastre classing

Railroads department draws up following designs

Railroads alignment
- major overhaul of all classes railroads
- reconstruction of tracks
- routes of railway lines of public transport
- industrial tracks
- special constructions of tracks
- track drainage
- routes of secondary roads for railway lines areas
- developing projects for crane trajectories

- railroads junctions
- passenger railway stations
- marshalling yards
- industrial, port and freight railway stations
- railway line stops
- access roads, areas for transport operations, parking lots
- specially designed loading platforms for connecting track with ship (land-ship connection)
- reconstruction of railway stations
- preparation of studies

Architecture department draws up following designs

- Buildings in stations, train stops, administrative and business buildings, catering and commercial buildings
- Industrial facilities: large workshops, workshops, engine sheds, train depots, warehouses
- Residential facilities
- Reconstruction of buildings and protected objects
- Facilities for accommodation of signalling and telecommunication facilities, transformer stations, signal boxes and substations
- Objects in transport infrastructure: platforms, train-stop shelters, passenger underpasses
- City-planning solutions: a complex of train stops, passenger stations and shunting yards, station squares
- Interiors
- Graphical design
- Horticulture and parks
- Performance supervision

Construction department draws up following designs

- railway and road bridges
- classification of the existing constructions
- rehabilitation and reinforcement of the existing bridge constructions
- retaining walls, barriers and water ducts
- passenger underpasses and overpasses, train stop shelters
- portals and other special constructions
- building construction