Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering department comprises of following departments:
High – voltage current facilities
Signalling tehnology
Telecommunication and informatics

High – voltage current facilities department draws up following designs

Fixed installations of electric traction
- electric traction substations and installations for sectioning and remote control
- catenary installations
- power transmission lines and installations up to 110 kV

General high-voltage current facilities
- overhead and cable lines and transformer installations up to 20 kV
- electro-energetic installations for feeding of safety and signalling and telecommunication equipment
- electrical facilities of objects and installations within
- outdoor lighting
- electro-technical measuring

Signalling tehnology department draws up following designs

- station safety and signalling equipment
- track safety equipment: automatic block and inter-station dependence equipment
- level crossings safety equipment
- shunting yards mechanization equipment
- remote traffic control systems
- alarm anti-burglary and surveillance equipment
- road and other signalization
- additional protection

Telecommunication and informatics department draws up following designs

- telecommunication systems of railway lines
- cable laying (telecommunication and signal cables)