• Prometna tehnologija - Prometnice - Razvoj
  • Željezničko Projektno Društvo d.d.
  • Signalno sigurnosna tehnika
  • Arhitektura - Geodezija

About Us

1 The Company was established on September 1st, 1960, as a part of the company Željezničko transportno poduzeće Zagreb – ŽTP (Railway Transport Company). Its original name was “Biro za projektiranje” (Project Office).

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Our Mission

2 ŽPD should be the bearer of activities and the gathering focus of the domestic potential as well as the bond for cooperation with companies abroad in order to meet the demands of its customers and provide services at a high vocational and professional level.

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Our Vision

3 Business vision of ŽPD is manifested in its efforts to create a market-oriented company and at the same time to become the biggest company in the field of railway technology in Croatia…

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